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1 Aug
What do small business owners do?

Understanding the Core of Small Business Ownership

Running a small business is nothing short of a mammoth task! Liana, my wife, turned our home into a thriving online store for vintage accessories. It's a fascinating journey, brimming with challenges and triumphs, and it's given me a direct insight into the world of small business ownership. As small business owners, we don multiple hats and juggle numerous tasks. We are visionaries, strategic planners, financiers, marketers, customer service representatives, and, oh - cleaners too! And not forgetting, without fail, we are reliable problem solvers. So let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of what small business owners actually do.

Navigating the Operations & Administrative Maze

There's more to entrepreneurship than what meets the eye. The daily tasks of owners involve navigating through an administrative maze tackling various management functions. That could mean negotiating with suppliers early in the morning, ensuring employee concerns are attended to, managing website updates for Liana's 'Vintage Couture.' Before that third coffee cup of the day, they might have already initiated a new marketing campaign. By noon, they might have switched gears to tackle the financial reports or simply ensure that the business meets its targets. Ha, talking about targets, this reminds me of Maverick's dartboard. Keeping track there is much easier!

Risen by the Challenge: Problem Solving 101

Encountering obstacles is a regular part of a business owner's day. We get a fair share of situations where it feels like playing a video game where, as you advance, the challenges get tougher. There was a time when one of our main suppliers backed out at the last minute. It was an 'emergency Super Mario level up' situation. Imagine sifting through networks, finding a reliable supplier in a pinch, reassuring customers (my daughter Prudence played a big role in this), and managing logistics – all at once! I tell you, problem solving for a business owner is an art equally important as it is for a demolition expert.

Marketing: The Power-Up Boost for Success

Small business owners are testament to the phrase "jack-of-all-trades." Marketing our products and services is a crucial aspect of our role. Our marketing cap involves understanding customer needs, planning campaigns, leveraging social media, and finding cost-effective methods to reach our target audience. Remember, the business battleground is online now. A simple tweet could land you a big fish, or a petty controversy could sink your ship. Marketing is like my son Maverick's favorite video game - playing it right levels you up, but a wrong move, and it's game over.

Financial Stewardship: Counting Beans & Turning Profits

I'll let you in on a truth: it's quite exciting to watch the revenue flow in, but there comes a point when expenses start to leer at you like an ugly goblin. It's enough to inspire a Halloween costume! But jokes apart, financial management is a grave responsibility as a small business owner. Budgeting, cash flow management, paying wages, meeting supplier costs, attending to taxation issues, striving for growth - they're all part of the game. And let’s not forget, keeping that tight leash on personal and business finances. There exists a thin line between the two, just like separating the frosting and cake in Prudence's favourite cupcake.

The Heart of Leadership - People Management

The most rewarding and challenging part of being a small business owner, for me and Liana, is managing our team. The journey from individual contributors to leaders isn't always smooth. Like helping Maverick with his transition into adolescence. It involves setting a clear vision, building a positive culture, motivating the team, resolve conflicts, and more importantly, listening. That’s one tip I’ll leave with you: Great leaders listen more than they speak, just as Liana and I have learned to with Maverick and Prudence.

To summarise, the life of a small business owner is unquestionably demanding. Yet, it's rewarding beyond measure. Each day presents a new venture, a new problem to solve, and a new victory to celebrate. It's filled with stories of everyday heroism, resilience, and transformation - and the satisfaction of building something from scratch. Life is an interesting journey, my friends. Especially as small business owners!

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